The initials MICS (Member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers) are recognised worldwide and confirm that you belong to a professional body that gives you a competitive advantage in the dynamic environment of commercial shipping and the benefit of demonstrating your commitment to professionalism and your up to date knowledge.


Your attendance to the ICS Annual Professional Maritime Programme and success in the ICS Professional Qualifying Examinations will lead to the Membership of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers.

ICS members work under the motto “Our Word, Our Bond’ that imparts confidence into the industry worldwide.

Membership of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers means much more than the initials after your name.

As the largest network of professional shipbrokers, managers and agents, ICS membership is internationally recognised as a mark of professionalism in the shipping industry. At the same time it will enable you to attend a range of events including seminars, dinners, workshops, lectures and training courses, all designed to help enhance the professional knowledge of our members and offer them a way to network and make the most of other members experience.

Membership categories:

Member (MICS):

 Candidates who complete their Professional Qualifying Examinations are eligible for the ICS Membership, upon submission of the application for membership form and approval by the ICS Controlling Council.   It is the largest Membership category, including brokers, agents, principals, owners, lawyers, seafarers, insurers and covers a wide range and scope of activity. 



Members & Fellows who retire from business either permanently or temporarily and are no longer gainfully employed in shipping may if they wish become Retired Fellows or Retired Members respectively.


Honorary Fellowship: 

Honorary Membership is open to those who have made a significant contribution to commercial shipping. It is the highest honour bestowed by the Institute. To be eligible for Honorary Fellowship, candidates have to be nominated by at least three members of the Controlling Council and the approval is granted by a simple majority.

Fellow (FICS):

 Fellows are Members, who are over 25 years of age with at least six years' seniority in the commercial shipping industry. Fellows are entitled to call themselves 'Chartered Shipbrokers'. Members who wish to apply for Fellowship need to satisfy the Controlling Council.  



 Retired Fellow or Member must be recommended by their Branch may be Life members. Life membership should be considered for those retired Fellows or Members who over a protracted period have made a significant contribution to ICS, for example, having been the Chairman of the Institute, Branch or specialist committee member, Tutor, Examiner and so on.



  • Belonging to the largest network of shipping professionals
  • MICS are the initials that are recognised worldwide as a confirmation of professional standing in the shipping industry.
  • Receive the ICS journal Shipping Network
  • Attend events and seminars aimed at Continuous Professional Development
  • Hold Annual Membership Cards, which are issued to validate their membership and have access to branch events
  • Enjoy complimentary access to any of the Regus business lounges throughout the world, including high-speed internet, coffee and tea, up to ten times a year. In an industry where many of us travel so frequently, this gives us access to professional business environment to work in over 1500 business centres across 600 cities in 100 countries. You will get more information about this scheme when you are issued with your membership card
  • Access the international membership database of all Members and Fellows by using a user name and password. Members have the option to share their details through the Membership directory and have access to other Member’s details.  

Company Membership 

Any company worldwide that meets the criteria may apply to be a Company Member of the Institute.

Companies can become corporate members if they have at least one senior member of staff qualified to Member (MICS) status. They must be of good financial standing and have in place appropriate P&I liability insurance.

They, also, have to be able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Controlling Council that they are actively involved in the business of shipbroking, liner, port agency, or management.