The Global Network of Shipping Professionals


Over the last 100 years the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers has earned an unmatched global reputation from the international industry’s major players as the professional body to commercial shipping worldwide. 


With 26 Branches around the world, the students and members of ICS are part of an internationally recognised network of shipping professionals who not only work towards high professional ethical standards of trust, but who also have proven knowledge, competence and understanding of the broad spectrum of shipping business.

In such a global business, shipping often means moving from country to country, however, as a member of ICS, boundaries melt and become invisible. No matter which branch a member belongs to, they are encouraged to participate in the activities of the whole branch network worldwide.

Branch events, courses, seminars and opportunities are open to all members across the world. Spreading 'good practice' throughout the network, and therefore the industry, is a key ICS objective.


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