ICS Membership Committee in Piraeus

ICS Greek Branch welcomes the ICS Membership Committee in Piraeus, Greece

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Greek Branch hosted the International ICS Membership Committee, in Piraeus from 22-24 June 2016.

Over the last hundred years, the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers has earned an unmatched global reputation from the international shipping industry’s major players as the professional body to commercial shipping worldwide. With 26 branches in key shipping areas, 4,500 individual and 120 company members, the ICS network connects the professional shipping community of the five continents. The letters MICS and FICS do make a point of difference in a very difficult and everchanging service sector which remains dependant on the knowledge and trust of its decision makers. Governments across the world are seeking the ICS’ opinion on relevant shipping issues.

The Committee convened in Piraeus and at the prestigious premises of ICS Greek Branch for the first time and successfully concluded its works.

The Committee discussed strategic issues, and reaffirmed the important role of co-operation between ICS branches worldwide.

On the occasion of the International Membership Committee meeting, taking place in Piraeus this year the ICS Greek Branch organized a cocktail reception on Thursday, 23rd of June 2016 at PIRÉE Venue, for the members of the Committee, ICS Members, students and friends.

The International Chairman of the Institute, Mr. Michael Taliotis, FICS, the Director of ICS Ms. Julie Lithgow and the Chairman of Membership Committee, Mr. Karl Franz, FICS, ICS Greek Branch Chairman Mr Nicolas Tsavliris and ICS Greek Branch Vice-Chairman Ms Natalia Margioli, honored the event with their presence. It was a successful and well attended event which proved once again that ICS members are truly part of an international shipping network.

Despite a negative global shipping sector outlook for 2016, ICS constantly enhances its appeal due to its unique legacy and long heritage as well as the international network of shipping professionals, which creates new business opportunities in tough markets.