ICS Open Evening

On September 8th 2016, the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers organized an open evening event in most of its branches internationally. The Event was an opportunity for potential students of ICS to come and find out more about the ICS Membership Qualification.

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers currently has over 5.000 students studying in six continents for the ICS Professional Qualifying Examinations, leading to ICS Membership, which is the only professional qualification internationally recognized.

The Open evening held at ICS Greek Branch was a great success. More than 70 candidates attended the event.

The candidates had the chance to discuss the study options offered by ICS, to review the Syllabus of the ICS and meet the tutors, who are highly experienced shipping professionals and who offered them their invaluable guidance regarding which subjects to attend depending on their academic and professional background.

Most of them registered to participate in the ICS Annual Professional Maritime Programme, which prepares the candidates for the ICS Professional Qualifying Examinations, leading to ICS Membership.

The ICS Programme is unique in its training approach as candidates are in the position to directly relate and apply the knowledge, skills and expertise gained from the course immediately on their work.  It gives them the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the industry and expand their career potential. It is a qualification which is a mark of competence for shipping professionals worldwide. 

We hope that we will all have a very successful academic year ahead!