New Academic Year of The Queen Mary University of London LL.M. in International Shipping Law, Piraeus Greece

Queen Mary University of London organized its induction weekend for the LLM in International Shipping Law (Piraeus, Greece), on the 10th and 11th of September at the Hellenic Management Centre premises in Piraeus. Once again this prestigious and successful event initiated the new academic year of the programme, which is based on the successful London-based LLM in International Shipping Law.

The programme is taught by experts of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies of the Queen Mary University of London, one of UK's leading research-focused higher education institutions, with its Law Department constantly ranked in the top 5 of the UK. The programme is taught in co-operation with the Hellenic Management Centre (HMC), an institute committed to professional education and development within the shipping industry since 1999, at its premises in Piraeus.

This innovative postgraduate programme offers students the opportunity to develop academic and professional expertise in specialized areas of global maritime law, including International Regulation of Shipping, Maritime Arbitration, Charterparties: Law and Practice, , Marine Insurance Law (including a Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Clubs workshop), Carriage of Goods by Sea, “Wet” Shipping Law: Collisions and other Incidents at Sea.

The programme is addressed to Lawyers, Law graduates, and Shipping Professionals with relevant work experience and an academic background and is taught in intensive afternoon and weekend blocks throughout two academic semesters, so that it can be fitted in with any other professional commitments. It is considered by the shipping industry as a unique opportunity for students and maritime professionals living in Greece, to attend it without having to relocate.

The Induction weekend, impeccably organized, gave the students the opportunity to get acquainted with all the information and details regarding the programme.

Students were welcomed by QMUL and HMC staff, while they also had the opportunity to meet Dr Alexandros Ntovas, the D. Academic Director of the programme, as well as QMUL officials, who gave them crucial information about the study experience that awaits them.

Students were excited about the academic introduction to the programme, as well as the introduction to the learning experience that they will go through. By attending this programme they will get the support they need to excel in their field and have a great impact in the shipping industry using their acquired knowledge and expertise.

Good Luck to them!