ICS Greek Branch at “The Day Star Book Drop Project” Event

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Greek Branch had the honor to be part of an important charity venture – together with Simon Ward and Ursa Shipbrokers - ‘’The Day Star Book Drop Project’’. The purpose of the project was to liberate unloved books to promote the education of shipping professionals in the developing world.


This was the idea of Simon Ward, ICS Member & Lecturer, who traveled to Mombasa earlier this year to teach young shipping professionals. He realised that the resources that were most in need and most helpful to aspiring shipping professionals were books. He decided to ask his friends in shipping for unwanted or surplus books so that he could send them to where they are wanted and needed. This party was to collect these books and reward those in the shipping community who had already donated generously to support this project.


The event took place on Thursday 21st June at Polychoros Simeion, Piraeus. More than 200 guests attended the party, amongst them ICS Members, students and friends which resulted in over 400 books being collected. They will all be shipped to Mombasa and other ICS branches in the developing world as donations from companies and individuals. This is for the benefit of all shipping industry: better educated professionals in all parts of the world.