Register now at the ICS Professional Maritime Programme 2019-2020!


Give your career a lift by studying for recognized qualifications with the industry’s leading professional body, the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers.

Participants will have the chance to find out more about the:

 -          ICS Annual Professional Maritime ProgrammeICS Examinations

-          ICS Structure & Syllabus

-          Entry requirements & Registration process

-          ICS Membership; the unique hallmark of professionalism within the international shipping industry


Why Studying with the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers? 

  • Comprehensive knowledge within 1 academic year; covers all major disciplines in commercial shipping

  • Practical Approach through case studies, workshops & real-life examples

  • Professional Expertise of the teaching faculty;

  • International Recognition through the ICS Membership; become certified in your chosen field with chartered status

  • Flexible study options: plan study around work and family commitments; Evening Classes.

  • Global Networking and Job Opportunities


Who May attend?

  • Shipping Professionals - shipbrokers, operators, charterers, maritime lawyers, agents, finance executives, etc. - who wish to upgrade their theoretical and practical background and certify their expertise.

  • Officers of the Merchant Marine - willing to enhance their sea-going experience and practice with the commercial knowledge.

  • Graduates and Professionals of various sectors - finance, management, business administration, law and engineering - who wish to enter into the shipping industry.

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