Alexandros Tsakonas

2015-2016 - LLM International Shipping Law (Piraeus, Greece) Partial Scholarship recipient


Prior to entering the LLM programme at Queen Mary, I studied Law in Greece and worked in a shipping company gaining on board experience on a dry bulk vessel.

Embarking on a Bulk Carrier vessel and gaining seagoing experience enabled me to develop not only my maritime background, but also to acquire a valuable practical experience of the shipping industry. Insights of the operation of the vessel always help to better understand the industry and the dynamics of seaborne trade.

However, the LLM in International Shipping Law (Piraeus, Greece) offered by the QMUL was really effective in making the necessary connections between theory and practice. The location, in one of the most important maritime hubs, Piraeus, and the variety and range of the modules provided, were the decisive factors when considering my LLM applications.

I decided that the best way to obtain a specialized maritime education was with an LLM in Piraeus in one of the leading UK institutions. QMUL offers you not only the chance to study in depth shipping law but also the chance to participate in a series of seminars and events in one of the major centers of global shipping and develop your network within the industry.

I truly enjoyed studying at Queen Mary. My modules were interesting, challenging and covered all the aspects of maritime legal issues. In particular, I really appreciated the positive interaction with all the lecturers, which were always very friendly, supportive, and willing to give useful feedback on a variety of issues. It was impressing that even after the end of the LLM the lecturers were next to me when I had queries regarding a job interview.

I currently work as a Claims Manager in a P&I Club in London and my LLM studies in QMUL were surely considered as an asset when applying for this job. QMUL is much respected in the shipping industry and its reputation is highly taken into account by employers. I really want to keep being part of the QMUL family and will certainly get involved in the Alumni society.


Dimitra Giannoula


2015-2016 - LLM International Shipping Law (Piraeus, Greece) Partial Scholarship recipient

Being a former student of Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), I’m fully aware of the high standards of education, training and research that QMUL is committed to provide to all its programmes, so applying for the LLM in International Shipping Law here was an effortless decision. I truly believe that a successful completion of this programme awarded by Queen Mary will provide me with a profound knowledge of the legal framework of international shipping law and an academic expertise in specialized areas of global maritime law.

The Hellenic Management Centre has excellent facilities and provides very good services for the students. Additionally, I am certain that a specialized LLM in International Shipping Law awarded by a highly reputable university such as QMUL will be a valuable asset towards reaching my final destination, the completion of my long term career goal of becoming a legal expert of international shipping law and shipping finance law, practising in Greece or abroad.

The QMUL Partial Scholarship was definitely the much needed tailwind to my personal journey. The scholarship awarded not only helps me, from a practical point of view, to overcome financial obstacles but also provides me with the necessary certainty in order to work assiduously and staunchly towards completion of my goal.


Panagiotis Vavougyios


2015-2016 - LLM International Shipping Law (Piraeus, Greece) Partial Scholarship recipient

What makes the LLM in International Shipping Law (Piraeus, Greece) unique is the fact that it takes place in Piraeus. Piraeus is one of the most vital ports in the world, where big proportion of the shipping trade takes place and where most of the biggest companies of the industry have presence. In addition, given the fact that QM is in close cooperation with the Hellenic Management Centre, a well-respected training institute known for promoting professionalism in the shipping industry, one could definitely argue that this LLM takes place in the heart of the shipping industry.

What I enjoy the most about the course is the interaction between the academics and the students. The lecturers of this programme are all top academics and well respected professionals who are in position to create a very stimulating teaching environment. It is a rare experience to be around so many intellectual and stimulating people with whom you share the same passion for the law.

I was very excited when I was awarded the scholarship but at the same time I felt truly honoured since I am aware of the high standards and academic excellence of Queen Mary University of London. Being one of the scholarship winners motivates me even more to excel in this programme.